He’s known as ‘the king of Dino Pop’ and with good reason. His ambition is to make music that both children and adults genuinely think is good. Get to know the Swedish songwriter, artist and producer Daddy Donut, aka Carl-Otto Johansson. 

Foto: Mattias Johansson

With 15 million streams on Spotify, 50 million views on YouTube and more than 1,000 live gigs under his belt, Daddy Donut is one of Sweden’s most popular and well-known children’s artists.

It all began ten years ago. “Why is there no good pop music about dinosaurs?” That’s the question posed by Carl-Otto Johansson when his son went dinosaur crazy at the age of five. There was plenty of dinosaur stuff – books, movies and toys – but the songs were quite boring, mainly concentrating on the size and weight of the prehistoric reptiles.

“We improvised our own songs instead. I strummed my guitar while my son was playing with his plastic dinosaurs, and funny stories emerged. It sounded good and the idea of ​​making a record for children was born,” Carl-Otto remembers.

In 2012 the album ‘Dinosaur Songs’ was released, and Carl-Otto started touring as Daddy Donut. Over time, he has established himself as one of Sweden’s most popular family entertainers and offers a varied and fast-paced show combining groovy songs about T-rexes with funny comedy sketches. Afterwards, he’s available for autographs, pictures and a small chat. Young fans even get a semi-magical souvenir to take home!

“My performances are meant to be fun for both kids and adults. The whole family should be able to sing along. Parents have told me that they not only put up with my music, but actually like it. Some even listen without their children. It’s pretty funny imagining forty-year-olds playing dinosaur songs in their cars on their way to work,” Carl-Otto says, laughing. 

Foto: Tom Goren

About Daddy Donut

Daddy Donut (in Sweden known as ‘Pappa Kapsyl’) makes music and videos about dinosaurs for kids. Original, family-friendly content. His website was selected one of the top children’s music blogs in 2018.


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