T-rex i papper skapar optisk synvilla

Just nu cirkulerar en Youtube-video där en T-rex i papper tycks vrida på huvudet när man går förbi den. Det hela är förstås en optisk synvilla men det hela är så fantastiskt att man helst vill tro att det är på riktigt.

Man kan faktiskt ladda ner T-rexen i olika färger för att skriva ut och göra sin egen optiska T-rex-synvilla hemma med barnen. Här är direktlänkarna:

Grön T-Rex

Röd T-rex

Blå T-rex

Så här skriver filmmakaren om sitt klipp:

This is based on the famous dragon illusion which was inspired by Jerry Andrus. I’ve always wanted to try this illusion with several of these at once. I wanted to use 20 or 30 but after I tried a test with only 12, I realized 20 or 30 was going to be too many. So another thing I’ve always wanted to try was to have a large version. The original file was about 9 feet X 9 feet. I had to split the image into 4 files so the printer as my local print shop could print it. I traced all of the pieces on cardboard which I used to build a support structure for the prints. I used small pieces of cardboard and hot glue to make the structure really solid. One problem that I had was that the paper for the large dragon was really shiny. So if you look closely you can see the reflection of the eyes on the ”top” and side panels. I bought some matte spray to try and minimize the reflections. It worked a little. Over all I was happy with the results.

The t-rex design is an original design used with the Gathering for Garder 3D dragon template. The original 3D template design (dragon) was inspired by the work of Jerry Andrus to celebrate Gathering for Gardner 3. http://www.thinkfun.com